The 3rd International Workshop on

Natural Language Interfaces for Web of Data (NLIWoD) & 8th Question Answering over Linked Data challenge

October 21 (Saturday) or 22 (Sunday), Vienna, Austria


While the amount of Linked Open Data (LOD) increases rapidly, it is still used mostly by Semantic Web experts. There are two main obstacles to making the billions of RDF triples already available accessible for common Web users: (1) the need to learn the query language SPARQL, and (2) the need to know the schemas underlying the datasets. Approaches to ease the access to the Web of Data include graphical query interfaces, agent-based systems, and natural language interfaces. Amongst them, natural language interfaces are receiving an increasing interest due to its high expressive power and low cost for educational purposes. Recent progresses in speech recognition technologies (e.g., Siri and Google Voice) also demonstrate the usefulness of a natural language interface. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts on the use of natural-language interfaces (NLI) for accessing the Web of Data.



Sunday morning, 22nd October 2017

Sponsored by the HOBBIT project

Important dates

  • Paper submission due: July 21th (Friday), 2017

  • Extended paper submission due: August 6th (Sunday) AoE, 2017

  • Author notification: August 24th (Thursday), 2017

  • Publication of workshop proceedings: September 21st, 2017

  • Workshop: October 22nd (Sunday), 2017